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Successful Pawtners - Wayne and Maisy

Due to false reports, we find it necessary to clarify that Maisy was trained by HSP and was not self-trained by Wayne.

Here is a note Wayne wrote:

My name is Wayne Dillender and I have been a Type 1 diabetic for over 50 years. I was diagnosed at the age of 18 months and have been using insulin since that time, during mid-1955.

Fortunately, I have very minor complications from this insidious condition, which is due to genetics and to maintaining very tight control of my blood sugar levels.

A bit of information about my education and training and experiences. I have a BS in Biology with a dual minor in chemistry and math. I was a medical technologist and currently work in Quality Assurance and Regulatory Affairs for medical devices. Therefore, my background is very scientific and I must have objective evidence, in order to approve any aspect of medical device design, including functionality.

I started on insulin pump regiment under Dr. Julio Santiago and Dr. Neal White, two pioneers in insulin pump therapy in St. Louis, MO. I have participated in numerous clinical trials relevant to pump therapy and for other devices such as hypoglycemic warning mechanisms (which as a whole do not work or do not work well).

Diabetic hypoglycemic unawareness or counter-regulatory hormone responses to insulin-induced acute hypoglycemia is of particular concern to me as in 1983 my response became diminished and in 1990 I lost all response. The proposed method of regaining response is almost impossible due to the requirements and duration required for the regain of response.

Since that time I have had to deal with numerous low blood sugars and in fact have been known to communicate with medical staff at a level of 26 mg/dl. Until I started using an Alert dog, my wife called the paramedics due to severe lows and convulsions/seizures 4 to 6 times each month. I have suffered many terrible consequences due to my unawareness and ensuing seizures.

My wife and I were desperate due to my frequent lows and grand mal seizure which we know are life threatening or at least have a strong potential to cause physiological harm to the individual. My wife heard about the Heaven Scent Paws group during a television show. After numerous emails and responses from many groups or individuals, Heaven Scent Paws and I linked up. After phone discussions, documentation, verification of my situation with my endocrinologist and/or internist they determined I met the criteria for having a dog placed with me. Let me tell you that I was skeptical, but in desperate need to find a method or tool that could aid in detecting hypoglycemia and providing me a means to prevent seizures.

Let me digress for a moment. I have tried virtually every low blood sugar detection device on the market and for me they just did not work or were not reliable enough to substantiate the use of these so called hypoglycemic alert devices. I have also participated in clinical trials for the same type of devices and have found the specificity and sensitivity to be very lacking.

Back to the dogs. Dogs have phenomenal senses compared to humans and it has been documented their sensitivity may be as much as fifty times the human sense capability.

Here are the facts:

Heaven Scent Paws has developed a method that works and I have been convinced their process is a means of a diabetic having another tool in their arsenal to improve the quality of diabetic’s lives.


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