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Successful Pawtners - Tony and Chip

My name is Tony Luper.  I was injured in a 3-car accident in 2002.  Due to my injuries, I am confined to a wheelchair, have epilepsy, have insulin-dependent diabetes, and have limited mobility on my right side.

I had always been the bread-winner in the family.  My wife was forced to take a job when I no longer could work.  We could not afford a caretaker and I did not qualify for one through our insurance or the state care programs.

Chip has become my best friend and companion.  He alerts me to impending hypoglycemia and gives me approximately a hour's notice for epileptic seizures.   He is now trained to call my wife at work, using a specialized phone system.  This allows her to work and still come home to help me when I need it.

Chip is being trained to retrieve sugar pills and glucagon, as well as the mail, the phone, and the TV remote.

The accident cost me my sense of self-worth and dignity.  Chip is not able to give me those things back, but he has helped me achieve some sense of regaining them.


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