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Successful Pawtners - MacKenzie and Happy

When we first talked to Heaven Scent Paws, we were at the end of our rope. I was in Denver with our daughter MacKenzie, who is four, and epileptic for what seemed like the millionth time that year. MacKenzie had just had surgery, and was not doing well. She had just had a seizure in the hospital, during which the attending nurse had panicked, rolled MacKenzie onto her back, which resulted in MacKenzie aspirating, and developing a lung infection. To complicate matters ever further MacKenzie had a staph infection. My husband and I had talked about it and at length and thought that this might be IT. The doctors were having a very difficult time keeping Mackenzie’s oxygen levels up and her heart rate down. We had finally run out of hope.

The day following the incident in the hospital I received a call from Heaven Scent Paws regarding a service dog. We had been working with another group to obtain a seizure alert dog, and the going was very slow. Heaven Scent Paws told me that due to the seriousness of MacKenzie’s seizures(which lasted between 3-5 hours) that they thought we could have a dog placed in our home in under 90 days. My husband(Mike) and I were ecstatic, we began planning what kinds of fundraising we could do when MacKenzie was out of the hospital.

When MacKenzie was finally allowed to return home we began fundraising with a vengeance. To our immense surprise and relief, we met our fundraising goal in under a month.

Heaven Scent Paws had already started looking for the “perfect” dog for MacKenzie (according to MacKenzie it had to be pink, a girl, and named Precious). Of course not all of MacKenzie’s requirements were met, but Heaven Scent Paws did find a “girl dog” named “Happy”.

It seemed like the day would never arrive when Happy would be here. But, on July 11, 2005, they were here. Our family met Heaven Scent Paws and Happy, and MacKenzie spent a couple of hours with them, the following day, we met again. Heaven Scent Paws, Happy, MacKenzie, and I had been together about and hour and a half when Happy alerted. I was baffled, MacKenzie showed none of her usual pre-seizure signs. Heaven Scent Paws assured me that Happy was indeed correct and we had less than two hours before the onset of a seizure. I medicated MacKenzie and headed home. About 30 minutes into the drive, MacKenzie started having a seizure!!! It was the first time I had ever been happy that MacKenzie had a seizure! The dog worked!! It alerted to a seizure that we would have never know was coming, and the best part was that since we had given MacKenzie medication before the onset of the seizure that the seizure was only about 25 minutes long. That was a far cry from the 3-5 hours that we were all used to.

“MacKenzie’s Happy Heel” (as my three year old son calls her), is changing our entire life. We can finally for the first time since MacKenzie was diagnosed, take a deep breath, sleep a full night with out wondering how many seizures that we were missing, and relax just a bit, knowing that someone, is watching out for MacKenzie in ways that we never could.

Heaven Scent Paws and Happy have been a God send to our family. They have helped us find the light at the end of the tunnel. Thank you Heaven Scent Paws and Heaven Scent Paws, for giving MacKenzie another chance at life.


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