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Successful Pawtners - Lindy and Alex

I just have to tell my story about our new addition to our family. We have recently been blessed with a diabetes alert dog from Heaven Scent Paws. We have a golden retriever named Alex. We call him the super sniffer wonder dog.

Our daughter, Lindy Raine, was diagnosed with juvenile diabetes on December 16th, 2001. Our lives were changed dramatically that day. I love her more than my own life, and will do all that I can to make sure that she is healthy and happy.

We had heard of diabetes alert dogs two years ago, but didn't contact anyone for more information about them. When Lindy's blood sugar levels are out of control, my emotions follow her numbers. I realize that with every high and every low, my baby girl's body is being damaged. I maintain calm on the outside, but my insides are on the roller coaster with my daughter. I feel that anything that will help Lindy find and maintain tighter control of her blood glucose levels is a priceless benefit.

The price of the alert dogs are worth more than is charged, and especially after my family invested in an alert dog, we have found that the benefits are beyond words of worth.

We do night blood sugar checks at midnight, 3 a.m., and 6 a.m. Two weeks ago, Alex came in my bedroom at 5:15 a.m., licked my husbands hand. Randy (my husband), patted Alex's head and rolled over. Alex jumped on my bed and sat on Randy and began licking his face. Randy thought that MAYBE he should check Lindy's bg. Lindy was 63!!! We wouldn't have checked her for another 45 minutes. Alex helped us!!! I am so grateful.

Yesterday we went to a movie. Alex is always very calm in the movie theater. He just lays there and listens. Yesterday he sits up and looks at Lindy, and begins to nudge her hand. She didn't respond properly, so he hopped up in her lap and starts licking her face. She realized that maybe she should do a blood check. She checked, and her bg level was 293. After she delivered some insulin from her pump, Alex settled down and we watched the rest of the movie.

Alex has alerted for Lindy more times than I could count. He is devoted to her. He is affectionate with her, but not overbearing. It requires a lot of attention from Lindy, but the benefits are worth every single moment of attention. She loves him, and enjoys playing and working with him.

I just wanted to share the benefits of having an alert dog. I have already noticed how much better she feels by having a monitor that keeps her bg levels closer to a proper range. I LOVE MY SUPER SNIFFER WONDER DOG!!!!!!!!!

Heaven Scent Paws is truly a Heaven send to our family. I have, for the first time since diagnosis, had one full night of sleep. WOW!!! It was everything that I remember it was. I am amazed at how the community is excited about Alex too. I have seen people that I thought would never give attention to a situation like this, just put their arms around us and work diligently to help us. I am blessed beyond measure.

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