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Successful Pawtners - Joseph and Delta

My name is Joseph.  I was diagnosed with Type I Diabetes when I was 7 years old.  I am almost 14 now.

I didn't like the shots but I was willing to do them.  I didn't like having to follow my food plan but Mom and Dad told me it was needed and would keep me healthy.  I learned to just do what I had to do because of the diabetes.  I didn't mind too much.

When the seizures started happening I hated them.  They scared me bad and made me not want to have diabetes anymore.  People treated me like I was something weird and my friends quit inviting me over because their parents were scared I'd have a seizure.  I couldn't help it and it made me mad that I couldn't make the seizures go away.  I would see monsters trying to eat me and I would try to say "I love you" over and over so that if I died during my seizure, my family would know I loved them.  It got to where I didn't want to go anywhere because I didn't want people to see me have a seizure.  I was also scared that if my parents weren't right there with me, no one would know what to do, so I wouldn't go anywhere without them.

Mom and Dad tried hard to keep me from having the seizures.  They tested me every hour at night and I slept with them so that they could hear me when I first started my seizure.  If I had a really active day, my Mom wouldn't even go to sleep that night so that I wouldn't worry about having a seizure.  I kept having them anyways.

When I got my Service Dog, Delta, my seizures finally quit happening.  Delta tells me when my blood sugar levels are dropping so I can eat a snack or sugar pills.  She wakes me up at night and if I won't get up, she goes and gets my parents.  During the day, she pesters me if I am getting low and if I don't listen to her she will get my Mom or one of my older sisters.  She won't let us ignore her alerting if we try.  She is my best friend and makes me feel safe again.

I have only had one seizure since I got Delta.  It was the night she had to go to the Veterinarian so she wasn't there to watch me.  She doesn't go anywhere without me now and I don't go anywhere without her.

When people ask me what my favorite things in the world are, I tell them #1 is my Delta.  #2 is my insulin pump.  And #3 is playing soccer.


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