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Successful Pawtners - Alice and Lance

My Name is Alice.  I am a 12 year old who has type I diabetes.  My brother also has type I diabetes.  When he got it, they tested me and said I was going to have it too. 

When my brother started having seizures that scared me because I knew I could have them too.  I got scared and didn't want diabetes anymore but I didn't have a choice.  It was coming.

Finally, my brother got his service dog and was able to stop having the seizures.  I decided I wanted one too because I didn't want to have seizures.  I didn't have diabetes yet but it was coming because my blood sugars would go low all the time and high too.

My service dog, Lance, was trained to catch my low blood sugars before I was actually diagnosed as a diabetic.  Once I was diagnosed it didn't seem like such a big deal to me anymore because I wasn't worried about the seizures anymore and knew Lance would keep me safe.

I have my insulin pump so that I don't have to do shots and my Lance to keep me from having bad lows or highs.  My A1c test has never been over 6.7 and I am healthy.  I don't feel diabetic anymore with my service dog and my insulin pump.  There's nothing I can't do and no where I can't go.


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