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3 Week Class Program Pictures



Helping is not our job. It's our passion!
We specialize in Diabetic Alert Dogs & Seizure Alert/Response Dogs
Our techniques are Patent Pending # 60/639,948

Successful Pawtners

Danielle & "Shilah" (TX)

Ayla & "Sari" (OR)

Christian & "Lindy" (TN)

Liam & "Chloe" (Canada)

Dawson & "Selma" (VA)

Reese & "Dagger" (HI)

Carlie & "Cleo" (GA)

Brynn & "Oliver" (TX)

April & "Buddy" (CO)

Joanna & "Lucky" (MD)

Luis & "Dunkin" (NJ)

Triston & Sasha (TX)

Olivia & "Dante" (GA)

Julia & "Jasmine" (OH)

Mackenzie & "Happy" (NE)

Taylor & "Toby" (OH)

Joel & "Kelsie" (OH)

Ross & "Rocky" (OK)

Alice & "Lance" (MO)

Joseph & "Delta" (MO)

Wayne & "Maisey" (FL)


"Faith" (MO)
(her human's name is Missy)

"Chip" (RI)
(his human's name is Tony)

"Hoss" (KS)
(his human's name is Laura)
Larger Image of Hoss

"Boomer" (MO)
(trained for another organization)
Larger Image of Boomer





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