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Self Train Classes

Our Process

Dogs will have been pre-selected by our organization and started on basic obedience. We will meet in groups of no more than 5-6 teams in order to give the greatest benefit to each team. Each team will be supplied with the needed items to get off to a "good start" as well as 24/7 access to our trainers.

Many people have asked about using their own family dog for classes. It is possible but your dog will need to be tested by us before the first class starts. We are asking a lot of these dogs and most dogs are not able to meet the needed criteria. If your dog is unable to meet the needed criteria, you will then be matched with one of our pre-selected dogs.

Class Locations

A number of requests for classes in other cities have come in. We are more than happy to provide these classes once there are 5 families who are committed to participating (this means they have submitted both an application and their deposit). It typically takes a few months to set the classes up and schedule a start date.

There is currently interest in setting up classes in the following areas. If you are in those areas and also interested, please contact us to be placed on the list. Once 5 families have committed to taking the classes in any one of these areas, we will start a class in that area.

Classes are almost always held on week nights or weekends. Scheduling of what day of the week is again on a first come, first served basis.

Pricing is as follows:

A non-refundable deposit of $750 to hold your place in the class. The 9 months of classes is $6000 per dog trained.

Each dog is started on basic obedience, crate training, housebreaking, and has been heavily socialized as well as being taken out in public training multiple times. Each dog will have reached various levels of training, depending on that particular dog.

Each team will be supplied with the needed items to get off to a "good start" as well as 24/7 access to our trainers. Equipment will include, but is not limited to, Service Dog capes with the appropriate "Service Dog In Training" emblems, appropriate collars and Gentle Leader, standard Service Dog leather leashes, veterinarian records complete with recommendations for future care, training manuals, law cards, etc.

While classes are scheduled over a nine month period, some teams may require more time. Specific times for those teams will be scheduled as needed, at no additional charge. At the end of the nine month period, Public Access Testing is available. Teams must take and pass the testing before certification as a Service Dog Team will be awarded. Once Public Access Testing has been awarded, a contract will be signed stating the responsibilities and expectations of each party. At this time, the now certified Service Dog is signed over to the now certified handler. Public Access Testing is then repeated each year. Our services will be available for the life of your Service Dog.

Future Training

This process will help allow you to train yet another dog for your family in the future. Our techniques are patent pending and we do require that a no-compete and a confidentiality agreement be signed by each party before the start of the first class. Some may have a problem with this and they do not have to attend, but this is the best way we know of to help as many families as possible, as quickly as possible while ensuring a quality program that produces well-adjusted, quality trained, and certified Diabetes Alert Service Dogs.

If you are interested in becoming a Heaven Scent Paws trainer for your area, and have been through one of our classes, please contact us and we can discuss this as a possibility.

For more information, please contact us at
or you may call us at (573) 493-2627.

*prices are subject to change


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